Kia Soul EV

Stunnig Style

Start your day with something different: the 100% electric, 100% stylish Kia Soul EV. The only vehicle on the road based on a SUV platform, this zero-emissions car has it all. From an impressive driving range, to leading acceleration, to ample space and flexibility. Based on looks alone, you’d never guess it’s electric.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is at the heart of the Kia Soul EV. Intelligently engineered, it preserves or replenishes the energy of numerous vehicle systems to achieve maximum range. You can even programme the Kia Soul EV to preheat with a charging station’s power before you take off.

Interior Style and Comfort

Eco-friendly yet generous, the Kia Soul EV combines efficient urban driving with comfort and practicality. You and your passengers can sit back and relax in a spacious cabin, punctuated by organically sourced materials. Designed for top flexibility, the rear seats split and fold forward, plus there’s a hidden undertray in the boot.